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Smart Launcher Free updated to version 3. New UI and new features

23 June 2015, in Android

Following the premium version also Smart Launcher Free is receiving the update to version 3 just now.

The most visible change is the new Material UI. Every part of the app has been redrawed during the last 6 months following Google guide lines. The result is a cleaner look and a new user experience.


New features

One of the features introduced with the update is the new smart search bar that helps you to find quickly apps, contacts or web results. There is something more, for example by selecting a contact you will be able to start a dial or send an short message just with a tap, also you can personalize it with custom text and colors.


The new build in lockscreen shows notifications when the phone is locked also on Android versions older than Lollipop; the lockscreen offers now also a customizable secondary shortcut.


Other less visible features are been introduced with the update, here a short list:

  • App sorting by installation time
  • Possibility to resize/move the homescreen widget
  • Possibility to rename apps in the app grid
  • Support for business enviroments (Android for work)

If you want to know more, you can find here the full changelog




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