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20 August 2012, sezione Android

This is a old post. Please refer to this one.

Some people propose to help me with translation (thank you!) so I thought to attach to this post a zip archive. If you know English and you want smart launcher available in your language, just download this archive that contain 5 short file, translate them then send me the translated files at

Smart launcher is currenty located in:
English (not perfect)
Spanish (by hopler)
Swedish (by LuttmaN)
Turkish (by KILINC)
Deutsch (by Patrick Plappert)
Slovak (by Martin Mates Bahna)
Russian (by Lex_xl)
Polish (by Maciej Włosiński)
Chinese (Taiwan)  (by Leo Yang)
French (by Sebastien)
Bahasa Indonesia (by Arie/Billy Gondokusuma)

Here an example on how to translate a string:

Original String
<string name=”mynameis”>My names is Vincenzo</string>

Translated String
<string name=”mynameis”>Il mio nome è Vincenzo</string>

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