Smart Launcher: new update, new features, new strings to translate…

29 October 2012, sezione Android

Hi! In this day i’m going to release a new update that come with some new features: new design, new buttons and menupanel in drawer, new options in preferences screen…this meas also new strings to translate. So if you want to contribute in translate the new version of smart launcher i would be grateful :)

Here the archive with the new strings to translate.


If your language is not supported at all instead you can follow the instruction in this post to bring your language on Smart Launcher.

I update the strings.xml file too many time…please if you want to help with the translations, contact me at gingenzo, i’ll send you the last available files to translate.

Thank you in advance.

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  • ato says:

    Apps icon draw very slowly with latest version on my htc Gerolamo.
    previously was faster
    Thanks for the great job

  • ato says:

    Gerolamo = hero

  • alf-red0 says:

    классная программа , но в последних 2-3 версиях , разблокирую телефон кнопкой “меню” и вылазят опции . причем чтоб выйти , нажать еще раз меню не достаточно , нужно нажать “назад” . очень неудобно получается

  • GinLemon says:

    I’m working to increase the responsiveness in the drawer. In the last versions many things are changed so deleting app data or install/reinstall the app could be a good idea.

    Anyway this post is only for translation help, please don’t send your feedback or report here (for example you can contact me at

    Thank you

  • finico says:

    Innanzitutto grazie mille!! Grazie al tuo launcher ho dato nuova vita al mio smartphone! Continua così e non fermare lo sviluppo!!
    Suggerimenti? Beh se ci fossero le notifiche in home per nuovi sms/chiamate sarebbe l’ideale!

  • Tony says:

    Love the app.

    how do i use the smart wallpaper as my lock screen?

  • Bigfanofyourwork:D says:

    Best launcher on the market. Thank you. Now i think that you need one more thing to make it perfect. Swipe motion to the right opens widgets, just that one thing.

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