Smart Launcher 2.5 Released

31 May 2014, sezione Android

DSCN0920[…] we have to say that the latest update of Smart Launcher Pro 2 is a winner, merging a simple interface with a rich set of functionality” –

Since the first version of Smart Launcher users were asking us about editable categories, it required some time but finally we added this feature. We also worked on some new features, like popup widget and the possibility to turn off the screen with a double tap. Now Smart Launcher 2.5 is out, here you can find the changelog. Smart Launcher Free and Pro are available on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.


– You can start Google now with “Ok, Google” (only android > 4.4, english language. To enable it, Plugins → Ok Google)
– “Ok, Google” works also in the default lockscreen.
– Autosorting enabled by default also for extra categories.
– Now you can add/edit categories! (Pro only)
– Double tap on a bubble to show a widget (Pro only)
– Password to protect hidden apps
– Better performance, apk size decreased to 1.8MB.
– Double tap to turn off the screen (requires a free plugin)


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