Smart Launcher 3.22 is here!

13 October 2016, in Android


The Smart Launcher Team is proud to announce Smart Launcher 3.22. A lot of job has been done during the last weeks, the team focused its attention on solving some recurring issues and finalizing some features that were in work since months ago.

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Smart Launcher 3.21 released

7 September 2016, in Android

Schermata del 2016-09-05 22-23-18

Smart Launcher 3.21 is rolling out in these hours. A minor release that brings many fixes and improvements and introduces support for a lockscreen background on Android 7.0.

NEW: you can set the wallpaper for the lockscreen (only Android 7.0 Nougat)
IMPROVEMENT: Now you can use the STOP button also on Nougat
IMPROVEMENT: Chrome is not forced anymore to open search results
IMPROVEMENT: new animation for popup widget
IMPROVEMENT: reduced APK size
BUGFIX: fixed a bug that caused SL to crash while the lock screen is active
BUGFIX: fixed a bug that caused SL to crash while trying to uninstall hidden system apps
BUGFIX: fixed a bug that prevented to use picture picked from gallery for the categories icon
EXPERIMENTAL: you can now select the max number of results for the searchbar (available in the Developer options)

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Normalizzazione icone, supporto icon generators nell’ultimo update di Smart Launcher

6 August 2016, in Android

Proprio in queste ore Smart Launcher sta ricevendo l’aggiornamento alla versione 3.20. Prima di lasciarvi al changelog, vi proponiamo un piccolo focus su una delle novità più interessanti dell’ultimo aggiornamento:

Test 2Icon Generator

Gli Icon Generators sono un nuovo formato di icone ideato dal team di Smart Launcher. A differenza dei formati più diffusi, un Icon Generator “genera” dinamicamente le icone necessarie portando diversi vantaggi:
– Tutte le applicazioni installate vengono coperte
– Lo spazio occupato dall’icon pack è inferiore al solito (-75%)
– Le icone sono personalizzabili nell aspetto e possono adattarsi a fattori ambientali
Alcuni esempi

1 4 2

Changelog SL 3.20

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Smart Launcher Free updated to version 3. New UI and new features

23 June 2015, in Android

Following the premium version also Smart Launcher Free is receiving the update to version 3 just now.

The most visible change is the new Material UI. Every part of the app has been redrawed during the last 6 months following Google guide lines. The result is a cleaner look and a new user experience.


New features

One of the features introduced with the update is the new smart search bar that helps you to find quickly apps, contacts or web results. There is something more, for example by selecting a contact you will be able to start a dial or send an short message just with a tap, also you can personalize it with custom text and colors.


The new build in lockscreen shows notifications when the phone is locked also on Android versions older than Lollipop; the lockscreen offers now also a customizable secondary shortcut.

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Our story on Android Developers Blog

26 February 2015, in Android

Some weeks ago I was contact by the Google marketing team. They were interested in publishing my story on their developer blog.

They come in my little town, Manfredonia, and they filmed for 4 unforgettable days. This is the result.

A very little story that talks about dreams, effort, learning, and doing day by day.
This is a big goal to be caught by Google team, and a big opportunity to share what is important for us.

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Smart Launcher – Job Position

1 February 2015, in Android

ic_launcher2.1The team

Smart Launcher is one of the most famous home replacement for Android. In few years we get more than 15 million downloads and now our goal is to propose a new user experience for the whole operative system, by proposing new solutions and quality software.

About the Role

We need a senior android developer that could work full time on the project. We need someone who loves our same principles. Our keywords are efficiency, ergonomics, smart design.

Requirements and Skills

  • 2+ years experience in Android application development
  • Experience with the development of interfaces and animations
  • Deep understanding of the Android internal frameworks
  • Expert level on Java and Android application development
  • Deep knowledge of Google and Facebook APIs
  • Very high attention to details



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Smart Launcher 2.5 Released

31 May 2014, in Android

DSCN0920[…] we have to say that the latest update of Smart Launcher Pro 2 is a winner, merging a simple interface with a rich set of functionality” –

Since the first version of Smart Launcher users were asking us about editable categories, it required some time but finally we added this feature. We also worked on some new features, like popup widget and the possibility to turn off the screen with a double tap. Now Smart Launcher 2.5 is out, here you can find the changelog. Smart Launcher Free and Pro are available on Google Play Store and Amazon App Store.

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How to create a Smart Launcher’s theme.

20 March 2013, in Android

fasfHi guys. I introduced some weeks ago theme support in Smart Launcher. This features is still in a early stage and at the moment it only change the appearance of the drawer. However, if you’d like to create your personal theme, you can follow this tutorial. He contains a link to a sample project that you can import in Eclipse.

Click here for the tutorial (it contains a sample template) 

If you need any help or if you’d like to share your works with other users, don’t hesitate to email me.

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